Kickstart personal connections to reach the highest potential of networking.

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Easy to use

Quick and easy set up, no need to plan and prepare ahead of the event

Fun and Interactive

Gamified solution providing safe environment for in person interactions


Team formation, ice-breaking or topic-related questions

What is SpotYet?

SpotYet is a fun and easy-to-use ice-breaker game. It enables users to quickly get to know people they wouldn't meet otherwise. The app works like a game by prompting players to find each other based on only their photos, while the matching is based on their common, previously selected interests. SpotYet can be the perfect tool for integrating employees from different departments in big companies or as a team formation tool in events. By using it in private team-building events, employees are brought together and connected in a short period of time, greatly improving the company’s cohesiveness.

Our traction so far

EIT Kick-off in Trento

13 EIT Summer Schools

→ Networking event by Innovation Labs in Bucharest

DigiEdu Hackathon in Helsinki

EIT DeepTech Innovation Day in Stockholm

Meet our team

We are six international EIT Digital Master Students with different academic and cultural backgrounds. Diversity and eagerness are our strengths which keep us moving toward product realization.

EIT Summer Schools' Testimonials


"Great way to get familiar with group members. Funny and effective!"


"There was a lot of positive energy in the room! A great way to get started the event :-)"


"Everybody was running up and down approaching people, the whole place was vibrant."


"It is a good ice breaking app, when you talk to others you get to know that you have more things in common with people!"


"SpotYet gives everyone an equal chance to connect with others. It simplifies the possibly hard step of approaching people to a press of a button."

The Hague

"Simple, powerful and dynamic."